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Do i need to replace my partition wall?

We have a partition wall where the door to our bathroom is, and the plaster work has been falling off the door frame in chunks. The bathroom was done up before we bought the flat so not sure of the provenance of the wall or how old it is. The bathroom does get quite damp however. The previous occupants had used what looks like polyfill to try and cover up some of the areas but since we moved in more pieces have fallen off.
In addition, we have a heated towel rail that was screwed into the wall, the two top supports have now worn through the plaster so the screws have nothing to grip on, so the towel rail is basically supported by only one screw and looks like it might fall off at any moment.
What's the best way to fix all of this, do I need a whole new wall or can the problems be patched up?

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Hi there ,
Sounds like Damp is the main issue . First the best thing to do is look for a damp proofer locally , they should know straight away . If behind where the plaster has come away , the wall is damp , do not try to patch up as this will crack and fall out again. Or it could be a case of hiring or buying a dehumidifier. to dry room and wall out . I would call a professional , as estimates are usually free.
hope this helps
R. Carrigan

Answered 14th Jun 2011

Carrigan Plastering

Member since 26 May 2011

It is unlikely you need to replace
Partition but would suggest
Stripping plaster boards, puu
A timber baton in stud work
For good fixing for towel rail
Replasterboard and skim.

Answered 14th Jun 2011

j&m plastererers

Member since 8 Jun 2009

It sound like a stud wall,
if so then remove the towel rad, cut out the area for the rad, place timber behind plasterboard and fix with screws.
replace the plasterboard and skim finish. re fix rad to position.
as for the plaster falling out cut out affected area and replace with the same method and re skim.
kind regards
Vince @ Dryplast.

Answered 14th Jun 2011

Reading Bathrooms and Kitchens

Member since 17 Dec 2008

Probably best to remove the radiator, and all the existing plasterboard on that wall.
If all the existing studding is sound, mark where your towel rail is going and fix in some extra noggins so as you can get some good solid fixings.

Might be best to use some thing like Aqua board/ tile backer board, as its good for wet or high humidity areas.
When all done refit your towel rail, remember where your fixings were.

Answered 14th Jun 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

If its a solid wall(brick/block) then it sounds like the old plaster will need to be removed if its had chunks out of it and had polyfilla to make good the bad bits.But also it needs to be determined if its airborne moisture or rising damp.

If its a stud wall i would remove all affected plasterboard and check the supporting timbers to make sure theyre free of damp/mould or damage then look at the support of your towel rail, maybe add extra battens or a sheet of ply for it to be fixed to then look for advice on a moisture resistant board.

Regards Scott Cannon.

Answered 14th Jun 2011

Cannon Preservation Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

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