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Full electrical rewiring before or after kitchen & bathroom remodel?

I am looking to completely refurbish an old studio flat, including full electrical rewiring, remodelling the kitchen and bathroom, and replacing the flooring and installing under-floor heating. I would like to bring in a specialist kitchen and bathroom fitter instead of a general contractor. At which stage should I get the full electrical rewiring done by a certified electrician? Right at the beginning, or before / after the kitchen + bathroom remodel? And when should I get the flooring and under-floor heating installed? Thanks.

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I would rewire first as there will be chases for cables and cosmetic damage. Then underfloor heating and area plastered to give a good finish and then kitchen fitters to give finished look

Answered 11th Sep 2013


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Rewiring or not would depend on the overall electrical design of your system. For example, if you have a gas cooker but want to install a new electric one as part of your kitchen refit you will need a new cable run from your consumer unit and an mcb installed for it. Similarly, if you intend to install an electric shower you will have to run a dedicated feed for it from the consumer unit. These cable runs would be prohibitive if you have completed the refit of those locations already as it would involve lifting the floors again and chasing out walls to get the cables to their final locations. However, you can install the cabling during the refit and tie them into your system as and when you decide to do a full rewire (you won't have an electric shower to use or an electric oven in operation until you do complete the refit).
It would make sense to install the underfloor heating whilst you have the floor up already.
Any wiring/rewire should be carried out by a certified electrician if you wish to avoid paying your local authority building control in excess of £150 to visit your premises BEFORE you start work, and then visit again after you've finished to check the work that has been done.
Bathrooms are a special location and require notification to LABC, as does any new circuits installed as part of your refit (kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in your property). A new consumer unit install is also notifiable work.
In short, rewire your flat as part of your overall rewire and go on holiday for two weeks while it's being done. :)

Answered 12th Sep 2013

My Sparky

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Rewire all electrics before anything else is done, thanks Ken, Kjb electrics

Answered 11th Sep 2013

kjb electrical

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Always rewire first before spending any money on new fittings or decoration etc as rewiring can be messy, as floorboards will need to be lifted and walls/ceilings etc may need to be chased and re-plastered etc.

Paying for a new kitchen and bathroom first is suicide as there is potential for it to get damaged, plus its likely to make the rewiring job harder as well as costing you more money.

Answered 12th Sep 2013

Electrical Safety Services

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Re wire before the new kitchen or any cosmetic work begins. It would be a good idea to get the electrician in once the old kitchen has been gutted so he has a free run to carry out his first fix. Ideally the underfloor heating wants to be done once all the trades have carried out there first fix. And a day or two before the floor is due to be levelled.

Answered 12th Jul 2018

James Paul Electrical

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Hi if the property is not being lived in it would make sense to rip out the kitchen and complete the first fix electrics then get the plasterer in to patch up.
Then once the kitchen has been installed the second fix electrics throughout can be completed including connecting the appliances.
This would be the most efficient and cost effective way of completing the entire project.
Hope this helps
Craig Gardner
A C Electrical

Answered 16th Jul 2018

A C Electrical

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I would get the first fix done first then get everything else done.

Answered 23rd Jul 2018

D&R Electrical

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Hi Stanhope, the rewiring should be done right at the very start of the job after your old flooring, kitchen, bathroom have been striped out. The electrics for the whole house can be ‘first fixed’ meaning cables are safely in place ready for the builders to carry on with their installations. After your walls have been plastered and finished, your new kitchen, bathroom and under floor heating have been fitted and laid the electrician will then come back and do a ‘second fix’ - fitting out all electrical points, carrying out a full test and then powering up. A test certificate is issued on completion. Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Michael Lau

Answered 25th Aug 2018

ML Electrical Solutions

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This comes up quite a lot with refurbs. It’s best to get a full rewire done before anything else because in doing so the kitchen and the bathroom can be future proofed. At rewire stage appropriate cabling can be ran in and positioned conveniently, either under the floor or above ceiling. This then enables us at a later date and after the kitchen/bathroom has been ripped out to then relocate these cables and wire them to specified positions to suit the customers design.

Answered 20th Oct 2018

james deffley

Member since 25 Jun 2018

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