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Certificate of compliance for work completed

Electric extract installed in new en suite but plumber did not use person who can issue these certificates.
Local council now want certificate
Local electrician says they cannot issue it as they did not do the work but can issue domestic inspection report (£95) if council will accept that
any advice?

PS - Lesson learned ref not checking with council about work to be carried out - EVERYTHING appears to be regulated these days :(

**** UP DATE ****
Local building office want name of the person who did the work to see if they are registered electrician.
They will then decide if a PIR would be acceptable dependent on what the qualifications of the installer are.

Its a way of ensuring people do not get ripped off or put in danger by cowboys - bit more expensive for me but peace of mind at the end of the day

Thanks for the advice

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It is a criminal offence to do work that is covered by part P and not be registered with a domestic intsaller scheme such as NICEIC or NAPIT. The electrician who did this work should be prosecuted - he is a cowboy taking work away from us bone fide fully qualified electricians and possibly endangering lives


Answered 20th Jun 2011

Hi, were Electrical contractors and we have had this happen before.

The council require a certificate (as you know) to cover the electrical installation under Part P of the building regulations, which would be provided by the registered Electrician that did the work.

If this certificate has not been supplied then the local council may accept a Periodic Inspection Report.

The periodic inspection will indicate anything that’s wrong in the form of a code 1 to 4. If anything is incorrect ( satisfactory or unsatisfactory) then the electrician would normally quote for this then supply a new electrical certificate to cover the amendments made.

Explain the situation to the council and ensure that they will accept a PIR.

Hope this helps you.



Answered 13th Jun 2011

Your local electrician is correct. Only the person or company who did the work can certify it. A 3rd party electrician can carry out a PIR (in the absence of an electrical cert) but you need confirmation from Council if they will accept this. £95 is what I would also charge.


Answered 13th Jun 2011

Your local electrician is spot on - only the installing electrician can issue the installation certificate. The council may accept a PIR but really they should not be doing this. A PIR is a report based on the whole of your installation and will not mention your fan unless there is a fault in the installation. I would check first with the building inspector who is responsible for your area to ensure that he will accept one.


Answered 13th Jun 2011

ask for his ID and who is registered with that is how you stop cowboys, you want to get onto the plumber that got him in, pir should be good for the council and £95 sound ok to me, but if the electrics in your house are bad it will fail as a pir test covers all your electrics,


Answered 20th Jun 2011

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