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Combi boiler pressure / leak at heating pipe


My combi boiler kept losing pressure (1.5 bar to zero in 5 - 6 hours) and I have a stain on a ceiling which could well be from a heating pipe upstairs.

My plumber cleaned the (external) filter, then drained a little water from a radiator and added a sealing fluid hoping to cure the leak.

I understand that this is not guaranteed to repair the fault (but it's worth a try).

He's charged me for "gas" work, which is at a higher hourly rate than "plumbing" work. Is this correct?


Hi, my original question was about charging rates. My "local" plumber charges more for gas work than for plumbing. As I had a water leak I questioned this and was given the lower (plumbing) hourly rate (it was even marked on the pro-forma invoice). After the plumber left, I noticed that I'd been charged the higher rate and got a couldn't care less attitude from the lady in their office.

Anyway, this became less of an issue as the plumber left me with no heating at all having not checked boiler operation properly, bled the system correctly (I know - difficult to believe).

The manager and receptionist gave me the cold shoulder till I cancelled my cheque.

FINALLY, they sent round another plumber. A good communicator who checked the system properly before leaving. Result - instant payment. Won't use them again though.

At his suggestion, the first plumber put some leak sealer in the system. Not my preferred option but access to the suspected leak would have involved dropping a ceiling (below) or lifting a large shower tray (above) so this was worth a try.

Anyway, the overcharging paled into insignificance compared to the poor workmanship and shocking communication all around from this company.

I see Greenacre's offer a perfect job, and a smile.

Please open a branch in Edinburgh ;-)

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Hi there if they did the job, it's their job to get it sorted and no charge. If they did power flush they might have caused the leak, some companies do charge more when the do gas work.

All the best

Eddie Plumbing Services


Answered 14th Feb 2014

Hello. My name is Aaron from Greenacre&Sons plumbing and heating.
Just because the boiler is losing pressure it does not always mean a leak in the system. Did he check the boiler itself?
Is the stain wet? Is there access above or can access be made? It's best to actually find the leak. Did you not agree a price first and is his charge too much for what he did?
Most importantly-did it work?


Answered 14th Nov 2013

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