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Replacing e7 heating with gas central heating

I am in the process of buying a 1 bed house in Cambridgeshire which currently has 3 electric storage heaters. The property does not have a gas line.
- What is procedure to request a new gas connection to the property?

The total floor area of the property is 45 meter square.

-Is there any particular brand / model of combi boiler that anyone could recommend for this property?

The link to the property can be found on the following link:

If there any queries do let me know.
Thank you for your assistance

Kidn Regards


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Do you know you can get a grant towards the cost of the job


Answered 13th Jun 2011

contact gas supplier who will fit you a new gas supply , transco as was or now the national grid

have a Gas combi boiler installed ..... very simple



Answered 13th Jun 2011

hi, first you need to contact national grid gas and get them to give you a quote for installing a supply, can be tedious and expensive if no where near the main. then find a suitable gas supplier who will arrange the meter installation, these vary from area to area and the price varies from area to area as well. if you are chosing a combi then the most important thing is hot water requirements.nearly all combi's will cope with the average house's heating requirements, but you can use manufacturers websites to calculate the boiler size, i know worcester have this facility. there is a grant under the a1 scheme though plumb center that can help with the cost to convert from electric to gas. most of the information can be found over the net very quickly. hope this helps


Answered 13th Jun 2011

Hi,yes first and foremost you will need to contact National Grid to put a supply,this may well be expensive.Then as Combination services rightly say find a suppiler so they can activate an account and install a meter.I would advise you to get a Vaillant eco tec pro 24 or 28 combi boiler,the pro 28 gives a better hot water flow rate(about 11 litres per minute roughly)though they are expensive boilers,they are pretty reliable.I am not admittedly well up where it comes to grants but I am sure that grants will be available to help with the cost,check with plumb center webite and maybe your local town hall may be able to advise you as well.I hope this of help to you.


Answered 16th Jun 2011

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