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Water down super matt paint for painting on new plaster?

We have bought super matt paint for our new plastered walls. Builder and plasterers recommended to water paint down for first coat, the instruction on the tin is to use straight from tin after stirring, no instructions to water down. We have done one ceiling and three walls, seems ok but now not sure what to do for best results. Can anyone advise us. Do we water down or follow instructions on the tin of super Matt?

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Hi Towntanna

If it's Dulux Trade Supermatt you are using, then it does require thinning, please view the following spec sheet for details


Answered 3rd Sep 2013

Always with new plaster "Don't use PVA, instead use 50% -50% water to Matt emulsion mixture, if the paint is too thick it will just sit on the surface of the plaster, the paint needs to sink into the plaster to take hold and stay, that's where the water comes in, it soaks into the plaster. Also if you use a water-based glue like PVA, it collects all the moisture in the air and causes some problems like blistering etc.


Answered 21st Oct 2013

id recommend you use cheap emulsion for your mist coat, no point paying out for dulux when you are going to water it down (70% water 30% emulsion) you have to apply a mist coat to new/bare plaster no question.


Answered 30th Oct 2013

Hi, I have used super matt on new plaster straight from the tin without watering down many times, without any problems. It is the only emulsion I am happy to do that with and it is recommended to use on new plaster by Dulux, my advise is to carry on.
Hope this helps?
Thanks Dave


Answered 3rd Sep 2013

On new plaster, the first coat needs to penetrate the surface to bond. If the first coat is not watered down it will almost certainly be too thick to do this, so will not penetrate and just lay on the surface, which is a dusty surface. In time the paint will peel off leaving a horrible mess.


Answered 3rd Sep 2013

Hi, When painting newly plastered walls you should apply your first coat mixed with water (known as a mist coat) this will allow the paint to soak into the plaster and will stop any problems of cracking and peeling of new paint. It'll say use straight from tin on the back as that's how you would normally use it when repainting a wall.

hope this helps




Answered 3rd Sep 2013

I use it day in day out and on the instructions it does state thin out 10%


Answered 10th Nov 2016

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