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Replace gas fire with woodburner?

HI, I have 2 gas fire that are being removed from my new house by a gas man when he fits my new heating system. That will leave a couple of big holes, we were thinking of fitting a wood burner? Will the existing flu work? Some advice would be great the alternative is one of those fake electric ones!

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You need a Hetas registered fitter to check your existing flue etc.
Normally you need a twin wall stainless steel flexi liner fitted, min 150mm diameter.
This has to be for a wood burner and not a gas liner.
If you have the confidence to climb on the roof with a 8/10 metre liner on your back then you can do it yourself, you need 2 of you, one below to pull/guide liner down.
All associated closure plates, register plates to be fitted, top clamp & plate plus bird/rain guard cowl.
You need to have vents fitted in the room, plus carbon monoxide detectors.
You then need building control to inspect everything complies before issuing the certificate, which you have to pay for.
Best to get Hetas fitter, as they will sort everything out, you wont save a lot doing it yourself, also they will certify the works,


Answered 12th Jun 2011

Hi, largely depends on what KWH the fire needs to be for the room size. If class 1 flue then you dont need a flexi liner but the flue must be smoke tested to make sure its not leaking.

You would save around £200 to £300 fitting it yourself and geting HETAS engineer to test it



Answered 13th Jun 2011

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