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Fitting extractor fan in loo

Hello. Is it possible to fit an extractor fan in a loo and have a string pull isolation switch at the other end of the room rather than outside?

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You can purchse pull cord fan isolator switches that are 3 pole (not 4 pole as the earlier answer suggests - the earth is not switched)


Answered 22nd Jun 2011



Answered 11th Jun 2011

A fan isolator switch is four pole with double pole type isolation, which will break both the Live and Neutral. A pull cord is only single pole which simple breaks the Live feed.

If the fan is a timer type with an over run function, then it would have a permanent Live and a switched Live. This means that there are four cables, three of which require isolating. The Earth remains constant throughout.


Mount a fan isolation switch outside the toilet above the door close to the ceiling. The electrician wiring the installation will pass the cable through the ceiling straight into the fan isolator back box which leaves no cables or containment on show. (Easy if its upstairs).

This will also allow a timer fan to be installed. Remember to choose the correct fan for the zone in the bathroom / toilet. It may need to be low voltage. Also ensure that the circuit is protected by a 30ma RCD and correct overload or RCBO.



Answered 11th Jun 2011

yes it is acceptable . Please be sure you install the correct type of fan for the project . does the room have opening windows ? What distance does the fan need to extract and what is the size of the room ? All these questions need to be answered to ensure the fan you install is suitable .


Answered 11th Jun 2011

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