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Sunken flagstone near drains

Hi, I've got a dip in the flagstones in my back garden next to the inspection hatch for the drains, it has a permanent puddle in it (even on the sunniest day when there's been no rain for weeks). We had the water board out to it, but they came when we were out and just left a note saying there was nothing wrong with it.

Any ideas would be helpful as we're hoping to put the house on the market soon and I don't want this to come up on a survey and put off a potential buyer if it's something serious.

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Hi sounds like you may have a collapsed drain have you lifted your inspection hatch on the manhole to see if everything runs away when you use an appliance. If your waste water isnt running away freely then you will have a drainage problem which will need looking into.


Answered 12th Jun 2011

hi,the best solution would be to put this job on the site and get tradesman around to have a look and quote for any works that need doing.many thanks nick kentishbuilder


Answered 10th Jun 2011

Could this possibly be a crack or break in your drainage pipework! as you say its sunken continuously damp and if the water cant drain it has to go somewhere and this may be upward.
Maybe theres no shingle around pipework depending on age and when it was layed,could be a heavy clay that would not let the water escape.
Just a few thoughts! I would either contact the water board again or put a post on here for a Plumber/Drainage/Groundworks Person and see if they can help.
Also some offer a free Survey/Estimate.

Good Luck.

Scott Cannon.


Answered 10th Jun 2011

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