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How much weight would a 8ft, 8x5 rsj hold over a 6ft span

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Its not as simple as how much weight it can hold depends what it being used for, to calculate for a beam you need to know

Live Load
Dead load
shear force and bending moment

This then depends on the size of bearing on the padstone bearing/spreader plate.

Also a 8 x5 beam comes in two weights per linear meter

203 X 133 25KG Per meter.
207 x134 30kg per meter

You will need an engineer to do the calcs for building regs

D.S Builders


Answered 10th Jun 2011

Hi, you need to get a structural engineer to have a look at your job to see what load the steel is supporting, this normally cost's £200 for the calculations. Hope this helps.


Answered 10th Jun 2011

This is quite simple you just need to contact your local council ask for planningdept tell them exactly what you are dooing they will put you on to the right department who will arange a visit at a fixed rate which will be less than paying a structural engineer as they have thier own staff they will give you the right calculations for the beam you need hope this was of service ian all build services 12 6 11 ps dont just trust any old builder who says oh that beam will do


Answered 13th Jun 2011

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