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Leaking ceiling above bay window

I've posted this job in the restoration and refurb category and haven't received any interest. We have a leak in the ceiling next to our bay windows. It doesn't leak much but needs fixing as it does let through drips of water when it rains very hard. We are in a Garden Flat and there is another bay window (belonging to the Hall floor flat) directly above ours.

Could someone advise me which category I should post this job under in order to attract the right type of tradesman?

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Hi, this is more than likely caused by the pointing around the top of the Bay windows, or even the sills above? Have the people above got any problems like U have? it could be running down their wall and thru the floor and into ur flat? Have they a radiator in the bay? behind that?
Thay may have no sign of a leak as it can sometimes run thru the brickwork and not come out until it gets lower down? This is a common problem with double story bay windows? im assuming you have that from ur discription.
It needs looking at and id advise to put it under brickwork and pointing and see who replies to it? Can be complicated thing to sort as the laek could be entering the brickwork away from where the leak is? Where do you live? I work around South London going out to the Redhill area? if ur in my area would be happy to come, have a look and sort it out for you...Regards...Pimco


Answered 10th Jun 2011

It could be a few things but I would say it's mote likely to be a problem with the lead flashing,if it rains heavy enough and hits the lead at the right angle then that could let the rain drive in.hope this helps


Answered 10th Jun 2011

Can be one of the most difficult or conversely, easiest problems to solve. You don't say whther your home is constructed with brick or sandstone - method of construction can have a bearing on solution. Doug


Answered 13th Jun 2011

I think you should try the roofing section than they can rule out a problem with the roof first before checking the window

Hope this has helped


Answered 10th Jun 2011

On fixing the ceiling , a good plasterer should be able to sort that out. The problem with the bay window sounds like a job for a window fitter . Sounds like it not sealed correctly. Both of which you can find on or your local paper. The first job must be fixing the leak , then fixing the ceiling.
hope this helps


Answered 10th Jun 2011

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