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Can the printed concrete be made non slip?

We have a short driveway sloping quite steeply to the house. I like the look of the printed concrete but have heard that it is slippy which would be very dangerous on the slope. Is it possible to have it laid with a non slip surface?

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yes cover with black-top. trojan


Answered 18th Jun 2011

special granules lol use "special" sand mixed with "special" sealant and reseal drive regularly and it will be non slip for its supposedly "maintenance free" life.


Answered 21st Aug 2011

Yes special granules can be added to the sealant when applied to the surface.
Or an alternative is not to trowel in the colour hardner when applied to the surface,this allows the silca sand in the colour to harden on the surface an adds grip.
This method of pattern concrete is done with stencils not mats.


Answered 9th Jun 2011

concrete is concrete would you slip on that ?yes at first there is a sheen but when it settles it should be ok ,theother option is use a mat finish sealer,if you use the granules applied in the sealer when the sealer has worn away then the granules go with it,
regards paul


Answered 12th Jun 2011

Definatly use matt seal on your finshed surface with double quantity of anti slip


Answered 24th Jan 2017

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