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In april 2010 a builder carried out some damp proofing work at my home, the work was not satisfactory and i eventually managed to get him to come back and redo the work.

It has since proved to be unsatisfactory. He offered a 30 year guarantee, but didnt provide a certificate of guarantee, I wonder if the guarantee is valid.
I have tried to contact him by phone, email and Recorded Delivery letter and don't know what to do next. I think Trading Standards is a bit heavy handed but haven't ruled it out.
The example of a Certificate of Guarantee is headed 30 years Materials and Labour. Regardless, the work was only carried out last year and redone only 3 months ago.
The problem I also have is that the builder still continues to advertise his services on this site, but there is no way of alerting people of his poor workmanship.
Many thanks for all of your replies, I will take the matter up with Consumer Direct and Trading Standards. It just goes to show that, in my opinion, it is better to choose a company which is recommended by a friend, and not one that "looks good on paper". Live and learn.
Many thanks for the last two replies, the matter is now in the hands of Trading Standards.
The other problem is that I can't afford to pay someone else £500 until I get my money back.

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Firstly it is obvious that the workmanship is poor and it seems you have been taken for a ride.
The fact that he has now had 2 attempts proves his ability.

The guarantee that all DPC suppliers offer only covers their product and they will only re-do the work if you can prove that their product has failed.
Insurance backed guarantees only cover you if the original
contractor has submitted the correct paperwork and has gone out of business.
Trading standards will try and contact him and if succesful will listen to his side and allow him to come back and have another go. (do you want this)
My advice is get a reputable company to re -do the damp works and give you a written report of the failure and obviously a written invoice . make a record of the payment.
This then gives you an overall cost to recover from original contractor . Take him to court if necessary.


Answered 21st Jun 2011

hello you seem to have been miss informed no manufactuer gives thirty years if its a chemical its 20 water based can be 15 but these are the injection chemicals you also need to check references or friends i give a written guarantee on all work but that is materials and work for six months from completion also your property type build have significant effects on what damp work is done hope this helps if you would like me to look and advise no proplem good luck


Answered 10th Jun 2011

You need to ring him to see whether he gave the gaurantee or a third party through an insurance backed gaurantee scheme? At the same time you could ask him for a certificate if the later applies - hopefully it will.


Answered 10th Jun 2011

Regardless of wether the gaurantee is for 1yr or 30yrs, he hasnt given you one, I doubt that he will give you one, therefore the work hes done isnt gauranteed.
You say that you have tried contacting him to no avail, I would try trading standards, but doubtful of any positive outcome.


Answered 10th Jun 2011

I find it sad when one bad apple can spoil it for the good ones.

If he offered you a Insurance backed guarantee! If? Did he mention the governing body that he had cover with?
I know you say you have tried to call/email and recorded delivery in letter form but if he is a registered trader or company then im positive he can be traced and held accountable for his poor quality of work.
Also was he part od FMB or PCA or even Safe Contractors because if he is then i know he would hate bad feedback and would be cast out if he is not complying to the powers that be.

I totally agree if he has run off with the money and left you with a problematic situaton then Trading Standards will be a good idea and they will direct you to Consumer Direct and offer legal advice.

Good Luck.

Scott Cannon.


Answered 12th Jun 2011

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