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I need the main tv ariel in the front room, to be wired into 2 bedrooms, in my second floor flat. as i can't pick up freeview, in any of the bedrooms. what type of person do i need for this job?

Thanks for any replies given.


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Any handyman can do it, it just means running extra coax from a splitter to the rooms so you will have cable across the skirting board or trunking.


Answered 9th Jun 2011

tv or satalite installer but most electricians should be fit to do it


Answered 9th Jun 2011

Any electrician can do this job. You may want to run CT100 or simialr digital cable to get the best signal possible and maybe consider a booster/splitter so as to amplify the signal to all TV's.


Answered 9th Jun 2011

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