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Quarry tiles vs other kinds?

Hello, what's the difference between quarry tiles and other kinds? Is there any reason one should NOT use quarry tiles in the kitchen? Is the process of tiling the same? What should I look out for in quarry tiles?


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Quarry tiles are "Quarried" they are made of Clay Similar to bricks, they come in red, brown and other colours, they give a very rusty quality to a floor. they are often used outside on porches and walkways (well thats my experience), there a very hardwaring tile. sometimes very expensive too. there are many imitations around these days that look just like them, for much less. Quarry tiling is carried out in the same way as normal tiles. they cut the same, although a diy cutter may struggle to break them. I would Grout with Sharpe sand and Cement and then give the whole floor a few coats of Sealer. to stop kitchen spils staining the tiles and grout.


Answered 9th Jun 2011

quarrys are a hard wearing tile as are many. where would you be using them. Sealer can be applied but this is for more pourose tiles such as natural stones and slates. A glazed tile is self sealed by the nature of its production. Its mainly down to personal choice and style requirements. It tiles are to be sealed then this should be carried out on a regular basis dependant on the installation position eg bathroon / kitchen etc. but once every 12 months is standard.
Paul Apple construction.


Answered 12th Jun 2011

Yes quarry tiles are hard wearing, and yes idealy they should be sealed as they are a very porous tile, due to the natural material they are made from.
The modern equal of this would be porcelain tiles, they are hard wearing and technicaly more suited to the applications which made quarry tiles so popular, with the added bonus of coming in a variety of colours and finishes.
Due to these now being mass produced they are a much more cost effective way of tiling walls or floors.


Answered 13th Jun 2011

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