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Cutting back yew tree

Hi, I have a Yew tree that we normally keep trimmed right back to slow growth as it's close to the house. Would it be better to cut back larger boughs to slow down further as this time of the year there are lots of new shoots? If so when would be the best time to do this? Cheers

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Hi Darren,

You have no need to worry, you can prune a yew tree as hard as you want, though as you know it takes a long time to grow back. Most trees (including Yew) are best pruned either winter or summer - the times to avoid are between bud break and flowering during spring and during leaf fall in autumn.

I hope this answers your question - please contact us if you require any further info.

Matt Davies


Answered 21st Aug 2013

Hi Darren

Yew trees are our slowest growing trees this minimizes the risk of subsidence due to hydraulic movement. You can prune these trees hard but do this in the dormant season (winter) even though the tree is evergreen.


Answered 12th Sep 2015

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