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How do i wire a new light to existing switch

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If this is a new installation then it MUST be certified by a Part P registered Electrician.

At a light fitting (ceiling rose) you will normally find three small bars. One is LIVE, the middle one is LOOP and the other is NEUTRAL.

From the switch you should have a three core cable such as twin and earth regardless of colours. The earth should be sleeved Green/ yellow and connected with all the other earths. The other two cables are both going to be live and need to be identified as live. Brown sleeving is used. Put one of these cables in LOOP (use the one that is correct colour without sleeving) and the other (with brown sleeving) goes in LIVE. The brown sleeving indicates that it’s a switch live.

The lamp connects to NEAUTRAL and LIVE.

Once the switch is closed the current flows from LOOP which is permanently live down through the switch when closed and back up to LIVE at the fitting which will bring the lamp on.

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Answered 9th Jun 2011

Have to agree with Substructure.
Part P and Competent person rules apply.


Answered 9th Jun 2011

Get some actual first hand advice in real time from at very least a qualified spark, if you don't you could find yourself in a spot of bother!


Answered 11th Jun 2011

correct answer is if you dontknow how then get a qualified person to do it especially where electric is concerned


Answered 9th Jun 2011

Hi there if you have some knowledge of electrics it should be easy
Anyway here it goes
Run a 1.5mm t&e cable from existing point to where the next point will be
Then strip the end off the cable where the new point is. Blue connects to neutral bar and brown connected to line bar this is not the middle bar
Then at the existing point you will see three bars. Connect the blue to the bar where there are blue or black wires connected and connect the brown to the bar where you can see either red wires or black with some sleeving over it, please don't forget to sleeve the earth wires and connect to the earth bars
The most important thing is switching off the main supply
I hope this will be helpful
Thanks israr


Answered 9th Jun 2011

I agree with KB and Substructure. Get a qualified electrician. DIY people ( however good their intentions are ) cannot and willnot be able to test and verify that the addition to the circuit is safe or compliant to be put into use.


Answered 10th Jun 2011

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