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Block paving sand laying

Hi everyone. I am about to take my old tired drive up and replace it with some block paving.
The problem I have is in the sand screening...some people are telling me it's best to compact the sand after you have compacted the sub base and others are saying I should just place the blocks on the screeded sand and just compact it then? Also, how much on average will the blocks sink into the sand?

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The proper and professional way to lay block paving is to vib-plate your sub base, spread your sand on the top about 40/50 mm deep vibrate the sand. It does not matter at this point about the level of the sand, set your screed rails in the sand 5mm higher than the thickness of your blocks, screed sand, lay blocks do not tap in, dry kiln your blocks all over brushing in, vibrate blocks brush in the sand if any gap are still there, brush off sand keep some back for topping up gaps as they appear, Regards Peter


Answered 13th Aug 2013

Compact the base, then put down the sand and level it off with a screed board (4ft plank is good enough) leave it loose on the top only and tap the blocks into it lightly. They shouldn't sink in more than 5-6 mm.


Answered 1st Aug 2013

After you compacted the sub-base
Then laid 40 / 50ml screed this screed then needs to be compacted before laying of paving, once blocks have been laid spread kiln dried sand and compact the paving while sweeping sand into remaining joints always keep a little kiln dried sand aside as paving settles small ant like holes may appear.


Answered 6th Mar 2018

Always set your screed rails the width of your straight edge, compact sand in between them and pull the sand back, lay your blocks, sand them in and compact blocks to finish.


Answered 11th Mar 2014

First you’d need to clear away existing surface and excavate everything to the correct requirements. Then following to install a correct foundation type one works very well and compact till solid. You would have to put a porous weedsheeting to prevent weed growth and then lay the correct amount of sharp sand to correct levels also and then compact gives it a more level and firm bed


Answered 12th Nov 2018

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