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What are the current regulations regarding replacing a roof and do any roofers actually comply? what happens if I do not comply with building regs

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Depending on the type of re-roofing there are a lot of regulations to follow. Any good builder or roofer should know all about their regs when they take a job on. The two main regulations are the need for insulation to reach the required U-value( Improvement only in listed building with vaulted cellings is acceptable) The other is ventilation, despite needing lots of insulation the roof still needs to breathe otherwise it will sweat and cause other problems. Other things to take into account are What code lead for where and gutters and rainwater run-off.
Should you be considering carrying out the work yourself or not, you must remember that building regulation compliance is the resposibility of the property owner and not the person carrying out the work.
Also as building control charge a fee of around £300 for a re-roof they will allways be on hand with advise.


Answered 8th Jun 2011

the current reg for roofing is as follows , you do not need building regs for a replacement roof if its like for like, you do need building regs for a new roof is you are changing the material and the new materail is more than 15% heavier than the old material. since the 1st of oct 2010 it is compulsory to up grade your loft insulation to the current gov standard 300mm this you do need building regs for it is done on a builders notice normally about £160-£200 so in answer to your question yes you need building regs when changing your roof
in answer to your second question judging by the amount of quote i go on no most roofers do not seem to comply. but its not there problem its your house and unfortuanally the buck stops with you what would normally be a small expense can become very costly if left till after as building regs do not like being kept out of the loop.


Answered 8th Jun 2011

If you wish to carry out repairs on or re-cover less than 25% of the area of a pitch or flat roof, you will not normally be required to submit a building regulations application. You will require approval if:

A. You intend to carry out structural alterations.

B. The performance of the new covering will be significantly different to that of the existing covering in the event of a fire.

C. You are repairing or replacing more than 25% of the roof area, in which case, the roof thermal insulation would normally have to be improved.


Answered 8th Jun 2011

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