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How much to replace a shower tray please?

A plumber quoted me £150 to replace a shower tray which is less than a metre wide. Once he started the job he called to say the walls were damp/rotten and the plasterboard needed to be replaced. He chased 3 courses of tiles, fitted the tray and replaced the plasterboard. This took him a day and he finished at 7pm. He has charged me £450 for labour and materials. He did not do any tiling. In your opinion is this a reasonable amount to charge for this job?

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its a bit steep,but did he pay 300 for the tray ?? then its 150 day rate ??, for the work he did 150-200 per day ,i would go for the 200 he was there till 7pm.ALSO HE DID QUOTE 150.SO HE HAS TO BE CLOSE TO THIS ,EVEN IF HE HAD A BAD DAY/PHIL


Answered 7th Jun 2011

i dont think £450 is too much if he had reinstated the tiling, what people seem to get confused with is a good tradesmen will charge for a good quality job and peace of mind, tere arre a lot of diluty so called tradewsmen that charge £80 a day but that is normaly reflected in the standard of work or lack of knowledge,
the guy should of told you that he couldnt put the tiles back before he started and gave you a top limit price or what he was going to do,


Answered 7th Jun 2011

£450 would have been ok, if the tiling had been reinstated


Answered 7th Jun 2011

If he supplied the tray then yes £450 is a reasonable price for labour and materials
Did you have spare tiles for him to re-tile with?


Answered 9th Jun 2011

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