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Practical issues surrounding combi boiler in loft area

I am thinking of moving my combi boiler into the loft to free up space in the room it is in at present. I understand that the loft needs to be boarded out and that there should be a loft ladder and adequate lighting, which there is, but I am concerned that, because of the restricted space i.e. it is not possible to stand up straight in the loft, I would have difficulty getting a plumber to service the boiler each year or do any repairs. I wondered if the majority of plumbers are used to this situation or whether there would be a problem. If anyone could advise I would be very grateful.

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BPEC CEN1 Guidance regardsing roof installation of gas boiler is;-
1. Flooring provided to boiler for service access
2. Boiler has to be mounted on wall capable of withstanding weight.
3. Loft to be accessible with retractable ladder
4. Must have fixed lighting in place
5. The roof space exit must be protected with a guard rail
6. Gas, water, and electrical isolation points should be provided outside of the roof space so boiler can be isolated without gaining access to roof space


Answered 21st Feb 2011

Its not a problem to put your boiler in the loft, check that your boiler has frost protection and lagging the pipes is a must, the controls (programmer and room stat) can be fitted anywhere in the house so altering the time settings and switching heating on or off isn't a problem either.
The only down side i can think of is that unless you live in a bungalow the loft can be a long way from your Kitchen and the kitchen tap is where you draw off most of the hot water your boiler produces, so there is a potential for lots of wasted water and energy when you run the hot tap.
Like ST Shaws ive fitted boilers in lofts and wouldnt have a problem servicing a boiler in a loft.
Hope this is helpful.


Answered 20th Feb 2011

if you ask a gas safe enginer like myself we would advise you free charge


Answered 4th Mar 2011

you will always get some fussy engineers who would not go up a ladder,but as long as it is floored up to boiler to provide a safe working area you should get someone to service/repair it..Brian


Answered 20th Feb 2011

i have fitted some boiler in the loftspace and dont have a problem with them being up there.


Answered 20th Feb 2011

as long as you adhere to the minimum clearances around the boiler and can at least kneel in front of it there shouldn't be any problem.


Answered 20th Feb 2011

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