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Our tiler has scratched our bathroom suite, but denys he did it. what now?

We have employed a tiler to fully tile our bathroom. We had a new suite fitted by his brother who is a plumber the week before. Going to look at it a few days into the process, our bath, toilet and even sink (he has managed to scratch up porcelain) is now unrecognizable as the beautiful new things we had. We pointed it out to him, even asked why he couldnt be using the dust sheets (that we provided for him), but he says it wasnt him that scratched them. We need a whole new suite. But, spent all our current spare cash paying for them and the tiles and labour first time round. They really are all ruined, with bits of plaster etc stuck to them. The bottom of the white bath now looks perminently dirty as there are so many scratches. Where it used to be smooth and shiny is now mottled and dull. The same with the sink and toilet. I am at my wits end, what can I do?

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Just a few points. Why were the sink and toilet fitted before the walls tiled that's the total wrong way to do things. As for the bath I always cut a thin ply board to cover the bath as tiles are heavy in most cases and if dropped can put a hole in the bath quite easily. The best course of action is to get the tiler to pay for his cock up. Failing that withhold any money you owe him for the tiling and replace as much of the suit as you can with the money you owed him.
Hope this helps
Chris Harrington


Answered 6th Jun 2011

Hello,..this is a typical case for Trading Standards !!


Answered 6th Jun 2011

Hi Carrie,
Sounds like you have employed some right clowns.Hopefully they should have insurance to cover there stupidity,but i doubt it.Please dont say you have paid them up front for this job because your only recompense will be through the courts.If you havent paid them up front,dont give them any money until you are completely satisfied with the outcome


Answered 6th Jun 2011

He has been climbing in and out of the bath without protecting it, small pieces of tile from cutting, are in then threads of his shoes.
Is he a member of any organisation?
they could apply leverage on your behalf, if not then ask for his insurance details.
If still no joy then ask your insurance .
Then off to trading standards + small claims court.


Answered 8th Jun 2011

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE. If he does not have any , and by the sounds of this he dosent . bad workmanship


Answered 12th Jun 2011

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