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Order of work to be done for bedrooms - plastering, painting, coving, skirting boards and new doors and frames


I moved into my home last year and have saved a bit of money and I am ready to start getting my master bedroom and small bedroom done out. I am just wondering in what order I should get things done, I require some new electrics, I want all the walls plastered, painted, coving and new skirting boards and I also want new doors and frames put in.

What order would you suggest I go about things?

Thanks in advance for any responses

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Hi there
Take off all old skirtings and architraves, then the electrician to first fix, run wires and fix boxes. After that, get the room plastered and fix the coving, you could then give all the walls a mist coat of paint - 50% water, 50% matt emulsion, then fit your skirtings and architraves as well as fitting electric face plates switches. You are then ready to finish off the painting, you could paint the room completely after the plastering, then just touch up when the skirtings and woodwork is completed.


Answered 10th Jul 2013

Hi there I would normally start with the following:

1. Electrics & Door Frames (removing the old door frames after it's been plastered could damage the plaster)

2. Plastering & Coving

3. Woodwork (skirtings & architraves & doors)

4. Painting & Decorating

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards

RL Plastering.


Answered 10th Jul 2013

First job is chase out the walls and lift floorboards etc to run new cables for the sockets etc, then re-plaster and finally fit new door and archirtrave etc.


Answered 10th Jul 2013

Hi, I recommend you have the electrics, new frame and remove any old skirting before you commence with plastering as all will probably disturb the original plaster. Skirting boards and doors then can be fitted after the plaster has dried and either before, during or after painting has commenced, depending on preference of the decorator. Ensure you wait till the plaster has fully dried to avoid moisture affecting the fitting of the door.




Answered 10th Jul 2013

Hi, the order should be electrics, door frames, plastering, skirting boards, then painting.


Answered 10th Jul 2013

Normally it would be remove woodwork (skirting etc) then electrics, then plastering, then second fix electrics, then woodwork back on (skirtings etc) and finally redecoration.


Answered 14th Jul 2019

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