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Why have my halogen lights stopped working?

Yesterday i switched my bedroom lights on and it tripped the fusebox, i then reset the fuse and it did this again. Since then the lights have not worked. They are 2 separate halogen spotlights each with 3 bulbs. I have changed all bulbs and it still does not work. Any ideas?

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It sounds like the switch has gone and needs to be changed.


Answered 6th Jun 2011

halogen lamps get very hot and my experience is that the heat transfers to the wires above. the insulation melts on these wires and then they short out. Check the fitting


Answered 6th Jun 2011

get an electrician in to check the lights , sounds like you have a short or loose wire somewhere , unless a fitting stipulates its double insulated it must be earthed the lights , when did you last have your property tested and inspected ?




Answered 6th Jun 2011

There is a insulation failure due to wires being on top of the light fitting/s otherwise wou should find a loose wire in the light/switch.
Regards, Cristian


Answered 6th Jun 2011

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