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Do i need planning permission

Hi currently live in a semi detactched house. Am looking to do a rear extension across the width of the house. which will be 6 m wide 3 metres deep and height depending on what is allowed under building regs.
1) Is this a permitted development
2) If i do a tiled slopping roof does this make a difference or shall i stick with a flat roof

Also is the volume restriction still in place i.e 10% of your houses floor space or has this been updated. I ask this as a builder i know is adamament it is where the planning portal only makes reference to it being under 50 % of your garden space

Many Thanks

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1 a solid roof instead of a poly carbonate flat or tiled req planning.
If you install radiators plumbed to main house reqs planning or building regs.
If you have a permenant opening from main house this also req planning or building regs


Answered 6th Jun 2011

Hi, Do not know where you live as some counties still run with some of the restriction rules on floor space you need to check with your local building control
they will tell you what you are allowed.As you are talking of putting tiled or flat roof on the odds are you will need planning. If you are thinking conservatory do not need planning some do if the allowed sq mtr has been used before hand also the roof is plastic or glass not tiles or felt hopes this helps you.


Answered 6th Jun 2011

Most Councils not req permission if you want to do extenions up to 3 m deep. But you still need to apply for building regulations and pay for Building Control visits. However before you do that I recommend you to go to the Council and check. It does not cost anything.


Answered 6th Jun 2011

First off contact planning
Write a letter to planning explaining clearly and precisely to the point what it is you wish to do with 2 rough but understandable sketches of your ground floor plan as it is now and as you would like it to be
#Rule 1 Get everything in writing
#Rule 2 Apply for building regs
Speak to a BCO (Building control officer) about your proposed alteration You also may need to supply calculations for any structural alterations i.e. Supporting a 1st floor partition wall or floor.

You may not need either but it's best to check



Answered 18th Jun 2011

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