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Can a new plasterboarded wall just be skimmed ????

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Hi, yes plasterboards can be skimmed that is what they are made for, As m.s said just scrim the joints before plastering as this will prevent the joints in the plasterboard from cracking, also when you fix the plasterboards ,remember to stagger the joints ,this also helps to prevent cracking along the joints,

Answered 5th Jun 2011

ace plastering & building services

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Plasterboard has two sides one is for painting and the other is for plastering,if for instance your plasterboard has been erected wrong and your trying to plaster the wrong side(painted side) just go over the board with a watered down PVA and this will help the finish to adhere.

Good luck.

Scott Cannon.

Answered 5th Jun 2011

Cannon Preservation Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

yes you just skrim the joints first to ensure the plaster will not crack on the joints and then skim directly on to the boards. P.S skrim is like self adhesive mesh tape hope this helps.

Answered 4th Jun 2011

m.s construction

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yes you can skim directly onto the plasterboard once you have fiba taped the joints to prevent them from cracking.

Answered 5th Jun 2011


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Yes you can just skim straight on to plasterboard just skrim tape all the joints first . Hope this helps .

Dm plastering

Answered 5th Jun 2011

dm plastering

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not sure of the question, plasterboard walls are normally skimmed and then painted when dry,regards Terry.

Answered 4th Jun 2011

tm property services

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If you are thinking about an alternative to skimming, you should investigate the tape and joint finishing method.

Basically filler and tape is used to smooth over the joints in the plasterboard, its generally a bit quicker (and a bit less messy in my experience) than skimming and is pretty common in some areas of the country and abroad.

You will need to use tapered edge plasterboards though, and someone with some experience in using this method. So, if the wall in question is already boarded your only option for finishing may be skimming.

Answered 5th Jun 2011

RL Housebuilders Ltd

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Yes it is far better to plaster finish the plasterboards, then when dry you have a choice of how you would want to decorate the finished plaster, Hope this helps
Steve @ PDQ

Answered 5th Jun 2011

PDQ Property Repairs & Services

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in answer to your question yes, all new plasterboard walls can be skimmed.
tileback boards dont need skimming, or if they are auqa panels "green color board". these will need "bond-it" angent befor plastering
(these 2 types of boards are mostly used in bathrooms.)
just try to make sure that boards are level befor you start any plastering

my regards Steven

Answered 5th Jun 2011


Member since 9 Apr 2008

Yes you can skim if you want but you cant beat 2 coat plaster 1 coat is a bodge job

Answered 5th Jun 2011

Ups home improvements

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