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Charged £1260+vat for 3 layer felt green mineral top layer, but bill says3 layers= underlayer laidfullybonded in hot bitumen,toplayer laid fully bond flashing drip, aluminium solar paint. same thing?

Quote said this:
Flat roof:
-Strip off all existing roof felt and stones and dispose
-Remove guttering and dispose
-Apply hot bitumen base layer
-Apply 3x layer felt system with green mineral top layer including drip
-Supply and fit new guttering to front edge
For the sum of £1,260.00 + VAT

But rec'd invoice today and it says this:
3 layers consist of:
-under layer laid fully bonded in hot bitumen
-top layer laid fully bonded in hot bitumen to newly formed flashing and welted drips,finish coat
-aluminium solar reflective paint

Is the work that they have done, the same as what they quoted me for, and if not, is it of less value, not proper layers? Grateful for quick replies, have had a lot of trouble with roofers and letting agents recently!
Thanks in advance.

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What you were quoted for, and what you were invoiced for, are for different works.
If you were quoted for a 3 layer system, I would assume they were doing a pour and roll system, as you state , laying in hot bitumen, this should be, first layer consisting of a loose tacked perferation layer, then 2nd layer pour and roll, 3rd layer pour and roll, either in green mineral cap sheet or plain coat with 2no coats of solar reflective paint.
This is an out dated system, as there are far superior torch on felts with elastomeric properties, normally 2no underlays with green mineral cap sheet.
Noticed you say the invoice includes new drips/trims, these have to be done anyway.
So your invoice states 3 layers,1st layer bonded in hot bitumen, top coat in hot bitumen then finished with solar reflective paint, thats only 2 layers of felt, you dont count the solar reflective paint as a layer.
I shouldnt think he has given any gaurantee for the works.
I dont know what the sizes are of the roof, but would imagine it will want doing again (properly) in a couple of years time.
You have to move on in times, we started with pour and roll, then torch on and glass fibre, we now concentrate on epdm with a 20 yr gaurantee, life expectancy, at least 50yr

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

you dont say what size roof it is ? but looking at what you have said everything seems ok and the roof covering should last a good many years

Answered 3rd Jun 2011

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

no what they have done is cheaper and easier the top coat being solar paint instead of green mineral how big was the roof ?

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 26 May 2011

solar reflective is cheaper as its only painted onto last layer of underlay so no greenwork required except edges ,depends on meterage of roof ,we charge 45 pounds per sqm green top 30 pounds per sqm solar finish

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 7 Jun 2008

You have not got what you were quoted they should not have stuck the first layer down any expansion and it will crack underlay normally 2mm thick mineral 4mm if they had stripped the old roof it should have had insulation installed and it comes under building control, I suggest you phone the local council report them they will be fined.

Answered 8th Jun 2011

Tradecall Roofing Services

Member since 7 Oct 2007

normaly a 3 layer flat roof is 2 layers under lay 1 layer green mineral cap sheet not sure about solar paint although it will protect the roof from the sun as it reflects away the heat i charge £35 per square metre so at 1260 your roof should be about 36 mtre sq {example 9mx4}

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 27 Nov 2010


from what you describe what was quoted and what was invoiced for are two different works.
if you were quoted for a green mineral top cap then thats what you should have
all they have done is use green mineral for the drips and flashing edges and classed the solar reflective paint as the final layer.
if the final layer was green mineral as quoted you would not cover it in the solar paint as that is defeating the object of the green mineral cap.
what they have invoiced you for should be cheaper than what they quoted you for as its less work and materials.
i would call in another firm to verify this.
hope this helps shaun.

Answered 4th Jun 2011

P.R & C

Member since 4 Nov 2010

if your roof was a low moisture area eg a sunroom, patio room, lounge the a 3-layer system is acceptable, made up of 1 layer 2mm tack on layer nailed every 6" the a secondry layer smelted on to the nailed layer then a layer of mineral surfaced layer then all welted drip completed in mineral layer.

if your roof is a high moisture area the a aluminium vapour layer must be installed then flat roofing insulation all to which is mechanically fixed then 2 layers of 2mm smelted on (cross bonded) the mineral surface cap sheet with welted drip in mineral also.

we as a contractor never use reflective paint or chips on any of our new applicatiions.

i hope this helps you

Alan McIntee

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 4 Aug 2009

the job seems to be correct from your discrfiption, as the 3 layer system consists of layered base felt and a top coat of green mineral finish felt, the solar paint is to protect the top coat of felt from UV degrading provided all the roof has been laid in hot bitumen it should be OK

Answered 4th Jun 2011

MD Construction

Member since 16 Apr 2009

no your top layer is the same as base layer with solar paint on it

Answered 3rd Jun 2011


Member since 13 Jan 2010

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