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Advice on painting plastered ceiling and repainting wall pls

I have two question about painting so will be grateful for your advice:

1) I have just had the ceiling in the whole flat skimmed with new plaster. What do I need to do in terms of preparation (e.g. sanding, priming, undercoating) and painting (e.g. how many coats etc)?

2) The walls are currently covered in coloured silk paints. I would like to repaint with white matt paint. I heard that painting matt on silk can cause problems. What's the best way to approach this? Also, will the white matt paint cover the coloured paint?

Thanks for your advice!

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hi surprised the plasterer who done your ceiling did not give you some advise ....with the new plaster as long as its been done well there should be no need to sand ..just put on a mist coat of paint [ mix your emulsion with half water } let this dry for 24 hours then put on a coat of emulsion {not watered down } leave to dry for a couple of hours ..then apply another coat of emulsion..job done far as the silk walls yes your right the matt wont take properly i would advise sanding the walls down to get a good key then paint the same as the ceiling ..i.e one mist coat and two coats of emulsion ...job done ...good luck


Answered 1st Jun 2011

I agree with KB plastering and Property maintenance. You would not have to leave mist coat 24hrs but apart from that, bang on mate, good answer and done correctly too.


Answered 15th Jun 2012

Well theres a Surprise............employ a Prof Decorator!!!!

If you don't wan to go to the expence of employing one of us, then DIY Superstores now have a New Plaster Based Paint that can be painted straigth on to New Plaster or Plaster Boarding Walls.

It is a little bit expensive, but worth it and cheper then employing one of us for an hours work.



Answered 4th Jun 2011

1. just water down the first coat for the ceilings if they were plastered well you should just be able to go ahead an paint at least 2 coats.

not sure about question 2

hope this helps


Answered 1st Jun 2011

in regards to the cieling, i would use a fine sand paper grade and give the ceiling a light sand over. This gives the paint a key to the plaster, stopping paint peeling in future. then water down paint and give it a mist coat, followed by two more coats of emulsion. hope this helps..


Answered 1st Jun 2011

"mist coat" bare plaster 50/50 mix, With regards to silk emulsion there are a few ways round it... a good rub down to remove the sheen is good!.. If you hate the thought of all that rubbing then you can also go from silk to soft sheen then to matt but water down the coat that you put on the silk. Zinser bin primer is good too, but is expensive... Also oil based undercoat thinned out works too

T c property maintenance


Answered 2nd Jun 2011

To get a top class finish you would by far be better investing some money and employing a good professional decorator.


Answered 9th Jun 2011

Depending on wether trade or retail paint is used will depend on how much thinning is required. Retail paint is a lot thinner! For trade I would thin by 30% water for a mist coat to bare plaster followed by two neat coats making sure each coat is fully cured before applying the next. Before applying the neat coats you would need to de-nib the surface with a fine sand then fill in any imperfections. As for painting over silk with Matt, I would wipe down any areas of grease first, give the walls a quick fine sand, paint with a neat coat but spread out thinly across walls. Once dry paint a thicker coat on top, possibly a third coat depending on how well it covered the original colour to achieve a good solid coat. A good way to check if an emulsion paint is dry is to scratch your finger nails over it like an old chalk board to get that horrible noise that makes people cringe, if not then is still damp and will probably gunge up under your nails and score the wall so do it lightly.


Answered 26th Jan 2020

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