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Boiler relocated now doesn't work - who pays for new boiler?

I have recently had my boiler recited onto an adjacent wall as part of a kitchen refurbishment / knock through.

The project is being managed by a main contractor, who is overseeing all his subcontractors (gas engineer, builders, plasterers, joiners, flooring guy, electrician etc + building control.)

The combi boiler is 4 years old and has been annually serviced by British gas (glowworm ecotech 24cxi)

However, once the boiler was moved (and immediately hung on adjacent wall) it wouldn't fire up, had many error messages and basically wouldn't work - leaving me with no hot water.

Since then, the main contractor has had a couple of other gas fitters round to try & get it fixed and all have said the same - throw it away & get a new one and they then cite things like: pcb's x 2 would need replacing, as well as some kind of gasket and some other things possibly too. A couple of the gas engineers have independently told me this so I trust their diagnosis.

I don't want to throw good money after bad trying to fix a knackered boiler but if i was to replace it with a new model my main question is:
Who pays for this? (After all, it worked before it was moved and I wasn't really made aware that this could happen)

I have a good relationship with the contractor as the rest of the job is fab and he has done a good job for my mother previously (that's how I know him) I just want to be fair.

To make things even more complicated the last gas engineer opened up the boiler and showed me the inside of the boiler (serviced every year don't forget). I was shocked to see that internal insulation was peeling off (apparently down to heat produced from faulty seal somewhere within the boiler), rust everywhere indicating longstanding leaks (1 above an electronic board - pcb?). Also some connections have been siliconed as well which I'm told is dodgy (is that right?) - if British gas have failed to keep the boiler in A+ condition should they not shoulder some of the blame as my contractor may have been the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak?

(The main contractor has offered to fit the new boiler for free though I suppose he was already being paid to relocate it so I guess that means he'd just be doing the same job twice plus he would have paid for a fair bit of tinkering time trying to get the old one going.)

Any advice greatly appreciated

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An independent engineer showed you the condition of the boiler post failure, so you can rule out any negligence on the contractor's side. It's a clear cut to me. You pay for the boiler, he's offered to fit it free of charge, can't get better than that, surely?
Also, as with any mechanical goods, you can't predict that and whether they will go wrong. It's the usual way though, as when you are having people working on your property you would assume something happened because they are there. But think of it as a coincidence. Also, it's difficult to expect the builder to make you aware of all of the things in your property that might go wrong during their presence (that is anything and everything).
Although my opinion is biased, I hope it helps.

Bart Wilczynski
PMBuilding Ltd

Answered 12th Jun 2013

PMBuilding Ltd

Member since 11 Jun 2013

I agree with JWC and PM.
But there is a question and an important one if a Gas Safe engineer who shows he knows boilers and clearly pointed out the problems then I wonder why on earth your contractor pointed out this to you --Did he useds a Gas Safe engineer to take the boiler of one wall and sighted to an another or did he not ????????

Answered 13th Jun 2013

hotwater heating solution

Member since 20 Feb 2009

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The glow worm cxi boilers are very dodgy! A friend of mine put a new radiator on, doing this he had to drop the water out of the heating system. No big deal, topped the system back up turned the boiler on and blew the board. Another mate who by the way teaches gas to students changed the board on one and that blew, told the lady to get British Gas in, the guy turned up put a new board in turned the boiler on and guess what yes that blew. This time not down to the builder just one of those. Take his offer because if you did not know the reason why beforehand it's pot luck it will fire up again. So gas engineers out there BEWARE.

Answered 19th Jun 2013

clydebank plumbing and heating

Member since 14 Apr 2011


When British Gas engineers, check the boilers everything which needs to be checked is checked as per manufacturers requirements, and gets stripped if necessary, not forgetting Bg cover their boilers anyway.

Worcester bosh for example as long as the combustion chamber negative pressure is more than -5 mbar stripping the boiler will not make the combustion or the boiler perform any better, ok a strip would be best, but as per manufacturer this is satisfactory....

PS I think glow worm are terrible aswell

Answered 21st Jun 2013

ZPM Property Services

Member since 7 Jun 2013

Your boiler may well be beyond economical repair, it is a low end budget boiler. When a boiler has been powered down for some time, then re-instated to another location as in your case problems may occur. An analogy would be a light bulb always seems to fail when you turn it on, not necessarily when it's illuminated.

You have stated that you accept two independent gas engineers evaluation of the boiler condition so you must run with their diagnosis.

As for British Gas and other less conscientious engineers, as long as the boiler passes a gas flue analyser test they accept this as the boiler is performing satisfactorily but in no way should it considered safe for use unless the engineer examines the boiler more thoroughly. BG has a care of duty as do all Gas Safe engineers when carrying out work on any gas appliance. I believe they are in breach of that care of duty in this particular instance.

Answered 12th Jun 2013

Boiler Homecare

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If possible never turn the isolating switch off to a Valliant or Glow-Worm boiler ive had two blow on services. When ringing the manufacturer up they said yes that can happen but theres no need to turn the supply off. They have serious problems with boards a refurb company is making a killing out of these manufacturers as they are half the priced refurbished with two year warranty! So the anwser is no its not thier fault and two it seems different gas engineers have different ideas of a service including BG down to the average just do a CO test to checking thoroughly over the whole central
Heating system the old BG way.

Answered 4th Feb 2019

Bromley & Local Installations

Member since 30 Jan 2019

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