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Gas certificate for old boiler when selling house

Hi, we are currently selling our house that is fitted with a Potterton Profile boiler and pressurised water cylinder. The boiler has been in around 15 years. The boiler is fully working and any problems that have occurred have been fixed, recently had a new pcb in the boiler and the pressurised system had a leaky pressure relief valve replaced.
Our buyers solicitor is now asking, very close to our exchange of contracts and after a list of small problems highlighted in the survey have already been rectified, for a gas safe certificate for the boiler, confirming that it is safe and complies with current regulations.
As far as I'm aware there isn't really a gas certificate for domestic dwellings, there is a landlords safety certificate and a new boiler building regulations compliance certificate, neither of which apply to our situation.
As for the boiler complying with current regulations it is an old boiler and probably doesn't but it is the boiler being sold with the house, the only guarantee we are giving is that it is working.
Is this something we should reasonably be expected to pay for and what exactly would we have to get done ?

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Simple issue to solve, ask your local Gas Safe engineer to carry out a Home Owners Gas Safety Inspection, the engineer will examine all gas appliances to ensure they are safe to operate, test to ensure there are no gas leaks and carry out any other safety checks he feels are necessary. If he is satisfied, then he will issue you with a certificate for you then to forward to the buyers solicitor.

He may find that certain matters that are NCS (Not to Current Standards). This is not to say the fault(s) are to be considered unsafe, he will advise you accordingly if they are, and corrective action may be required to comply with current building/gas regulations.


Answered 13th Jun 2013

Tell the solicitor the boiler was fitted when certificates weren't issued
Solicitors are such ....... had problems myself with them
Just show him all the receipts for all the work done
Hopefully that will make him go away


Answered 13th Jun 2013

Ha home owner certificate would be fine. If it's not to current standards, but is not at risk, then it's ok. If it's at risk or dangerous then you need to make it safe


Answered 25th Feb 2015

first of you wrong about the gas safety certificate on domestic dwelling. the name for the gas safety certificate is landlord/homeowner gas safety certificate. the difference is that it is not mandatory for the homeowner until of course you decide to sell. but as others have said, its not hard to get retrospective documents and send these to your local authority where a building regulations certificate can be issued.
hope this helps


Answered 5th Dec 2014

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