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Part-p certification or electrical installation certificate for kitchen work

Afternoon all,

I wonder if someone can help - I've just had a new kitchen put in and nearing completion. New cooker, new hob and cooker hood to replace older derelicts. Same ring main. I have also had LED lights to replace an old florescent light in the ceiling. I have added additional double sockets to the wall on the ring mains.

My question is, with the recent changes in April this year in mind - do I need any Part-P certification for this? I understand now that the kitchen is no longer a 'special location' room the work will not require notification. Or would a Electrical Installation Certificate from the sparky suffice?

Cheers folks!

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Hi, the changes in part P in April have now removed the Kitchen from the special locations and therefore some electrical work in your kitchen is non-notifiable. If you are altering a circuit (extending the ring, etc) and not installing a new circuit then this would be non-notifiable work. I think I am right in saying from your post that you carried out the work yourself? If an electrican carried out the work they should have issued you with a minor works certificate for the alteration work. To issue an electrical completion certificate of any sort, you DO NOT need to be registered with a government authority (part P self certification scheme) you only need to be a competent electrician. If the work carried out was a new circuit then to register it through building control you would need to be registered on a Part P self certification scheme or you could inform building control that you intend to or have carried out the work and pay them to get it checked and certified. if you require more information on this please check out this link


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Answered 6th Jun 2013

I am afraid you are incorrect in respect of having to be part P registered. If you have the relevant qualifications 17th edition 2008-2011 you can self certificate submitting a copy to building control with a copy of your qualification. I have informed many electricians of this fact who find it hard to believe, and of course this has not been known to most in the industry. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY. CHECK THE RED BOOK.


Answered 13th Jun 2013

An Electrical Installation Certificate and warranty on the works must be provided by the "Registered" Electrician who carried out the work.


Answered 6th Jun 2013

Good Afternoon.
Due to the new changes of making kitchens non-notifiable work then anything on the Part P aspect is not required. Because of these changes there is no criteria for you to get the work inspected and tested if it is your own property for your own use. However the electrician who fitted the electrics should offer you at a minimum an Electrical Installation Certificate. He can however only issue one of these if he is with a registered government authority such as NICEIC or NAPIT as Part P now states that registering electrical work with a local building authority is no longer available.

I hope this helps with your enquiry.

Many Thanks from Hague Electrix Ltd


Answered 5th Jun 2013

it a characteristic is changed ie upgrade a breaker or change over 50% of an installation then surely it becomes under Part P? Which applies in many kitchens. If the electrician who did the kitchen is not registered with a body then you need to ask the question why isn't he? It's not efficient going through building control as it can cost a fortune if you've got continuity of work and also can take up to 6weeks. By the time and money you've spent on this it's more efficient to just be a member of a governed body. Plus the fact the regulations change all the time, being with a governed body also allows you to be assessed so that you know the job is going to get done right!


Answered 19th Jan 2015

hi ,
you can check the work yourself if you have a meter in calibration, and then submit the forms to labc , its around £50 , you would need to have a full understanding of what your doing, and they may well have someone come out and check it if they dont like the results and it would be chargable .well thats the local council in wolves .


Answered 21st Dec 2013

All electrical work that involves new circuits and a rewire should be certified with an electric installation certificate. However any electrical work carried out in a kitchen in Wales requires a part P notification to the local authority. This is not the case for England. Part P notification rules are different in England and Wales. Remember a part P notification is different requirement to the need for an electrical installation certification.


Answered 2nd Jan 2019

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