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I believe i need to get my tv aerial replaced in order to recieve digital/freeview channels? my new tv is only receiving analogue channels.

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not necessarily, dont be fooled into paying for a new aerial, i dont know without seeing it, but nine times out of ten an old aerial is fine,
make sure you have a either a freeveiw box, or freeveiw built into your telly


Answered 1st Jun 2011


It does sound like a new aerial is required as I'm assuming your new TV does have a digital tuner.

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Gaerth Ginn
1 Source Home Solutions Ltd


Answered 1st Jun 2011

If you are receiving a good quality reception now then you will not need a new aerial. the tv or the box will pick up the digital signal. worst case you will need a aerial booster.


Answered 2nd Jun 2011

If you can get analogue signals without snow or ghosting, there's a 99% chance your aerial will be fine. I've been amazed at what corroded old loft-mounted aerials will pick up if they're aimed correctly. Some clients have managed to get better digital than analogue signals from their aerials which have been in for 50 years! Most built-in and set-top digital tuners now have a signal strength indicator in the set-up menu which will give you an indication of how serviceable and accurately aimed your aerial/wiring is.


Answered 4th Jun 2011

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