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Re-pointing - scaffold or not to scaffold, weather struck or not weather struck

I have had two quotes - one whom says he will scaffold, the other who says it can be done from a ladder. Looking round on the internet I'm finding most are saying a scaffold should be used. It's a standard terrace house on a steep hill. Also one guy has told you can't use the weather struck method as the council will not allow it. Is this true as another guy has advised the weather struck method. I'm confused.

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You need scaffolding! To do a proper job all joints need to be racked out nd that's stupid to try off ladders


Answered 31st May 2013

A scaffold always. I lost out on more than one pointing job because customers don't want to pay for the scaffold, but like the guys say above, raking out joints then repointing, especially if old traditional stone pointing type would be a nightmare and unsafe job to attempt off a ladder.

Personally I try to stay away from pointing jobs myself because it's a tedious job plus there is always the risk that it can suddenly rain and wash out all your work.

But to reiterate, always off a scaffold.


Answered 24th Jul 2013

I hope this helps, when repointing it would be unusual to not weather strike. I always weather strike, ladders or not ladders is a tough 1. I tend to use a scaffold if ladder access is poor. Otherwise I use a ladder, reason being it can keep the total costs down, scaffolds don't come cheap.

Regards John
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Answered 31st May 2013


I would always use scaffold when repointing as its easier and safer. Most professional bricklayers wont entertain repointing from a ladder!!

With regards to weatherstruck pointing, I don't ever recommend it as it only looks good in the right place and houses isn't one of them. If done badly it can ruin the appearance of your house. I don't think the council can determine how your house is repointed unless there are constraints due to its age or if you in a conservation area.


Answered 31st May 2013

Scaffolding is mandatory if your working above a certain height ,especially when you're pointing where both hands are needed.So if your on a ladder is completely unsafe and secure and quality of finish is sub standard.I always use a proper scaffold.Thise who point off ladders are off their trolleys.As for weather struck does not look right on older properties with handmade bricks which don't have straight arrises.So therefore finished work is not good .its ok on new work where bricks are have straight arrises(edges),so therefore pointing looks neater.For older brickwork I always use a flat blade finger trowel which provide a neat flush ,tidy finish which follows the lines of th old brick.Hope this helps.Thanks,Craig Jones


Answered 1st Jun 2013

Safety first. Always follow the 3 points of contact on a ladder. These days ladders are mainly used for access not for working off.
Most customers don't want to pay the extra cost for scaffolding so I would steer clear of pointing jobs. Which as said above, is tedious and time consuming.


Answered 11th Dec 2018

Scaffold is an option in my opinion, we ourselves use both ladders and our own scaffold towers for re-pointing, as for weather struck pointing once weathered to me is fine but weather struck & cut is a finish we do not do, this you will find has been done on a great deal of houses where the raking out has been done to an inadequate depth we will only rake out to a minimum depth of 25mm then pressure wash down to ensure all dust and debris are removed.


Answered 10th Jan 2019

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