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Coppicing, trimming poplar trees

We've got some fairly old, pretty big poplar trees in our garden. Some of the branches are dead and of course there are lots of little ones coming up all over the place. My plan is to trim the dead branches and then just coppice the ones lower down. Anyone have any advice on how far I should go with the coppicing and is one particular season better for this?

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If you are going to do it do it now, as the new growth will start soon as the previous answer says , don't be too afraid


Answered 13th Mar 2011

Hi, Poplars are the largest source of the uk's hardwood timber and have the quickest growth rate,Poplar responds well to harvesting cycles of around four or five years, they can be coppiced more regularly in residential gardens as they can become huge specimens, to be honest they can be coppiced every few years as when needed, so yes remove the dead branches and just selective thinning of the base shoots till you have acheived the desired size you are looking for, A low cut maximises the yield and encourages shoots to develop their own roots ...
hope this is of use, Paul


Answered 20th Feb 2011

Hi there. Is it a coppice or a pollard as there is a massive difference. A coppice generally is cut I'm cycles down to near ground level. A pollard is cut higher up and is normally done to keep trees in check. Poplars can really be pruned any time of year as they respond very well to pruning. Any info needed please feel free to message me.



Answered 12th Apr 2011

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