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Double extension or single/loft conversion?

hi there
i am looking to purchase a new house and am wondering if a double extension would be cheaper than a single extension and a basic loft conversion ie just a room with velux windows and a stairwell.
the sizes up the side of the house are 21`6" and 9`3" and if a single extension it will be a sitting room,porch,utility room with toilet and the rest to fall into the kitchen.
if a double it will the same rooms as the single with a bedroom upstairs with ensuite.
the single extension and loft conversion would be my first choice but its all about the price.

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the double storey extension would work out cheaper, when you take into consideration all the groundwork is the same as a single you still have to put a roof on etc mainly you are adding more brickwork. loft conversions are not cheap projects and not all loft spaces are suitable.


Answered 30th May 2011

I would say the double extension would be cheaper than a single extension and loft conversion as it would only really be the first floor joist and flooring plus extra Hight of blockwork you would need every thing else would be th same as single storey extension. Loft conversions can be dear based on change of floor joists and extra insulation. But all depends on what you have there. Cheers


Answered 30th May 2011

a single and a basic loft extension- i d say think about what space is best for you and meets your needs best - but there might not be much difference in price - if your only going for a basic loft extension id say do the double it will more than likly put more on your resale if you ever sell the house and you could always do the basic loft at a latter date


Answered 30th May 2011

Without a doubt go for the double storey extension. it's cheaper, less intrusive on your existing property and is not restricted by the space available in the loft. A single storey extension and a loft conversion are two separate projects.


Answered 8th Jun 2011

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