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I need some breeze blocks fitting in my cellar, but i'm not sure if this is a job for a stonemason or a general handyman. can anyone advise?

thanks for the replies guys - shame you're not more local or I would have put the work your way!

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get yourself a good bricklayer from this site


Answered 29th May 2011

i think you want a bricklayer, depending on how big the wall if someone with basic bricklaying skills could do it


Answered 29th May 2011

You wont need a stonemason to erect a block wall! Just a good bricklayer or compitant handyman with bricklaying knowledge.


Answered 30th May 2011

Yes ,i am a stonemason ,but building ,i am presuming , a relatively straitforward job ,consisting of breezblock seems ,as uv stated ,not the most tasking of projects . Although its not the usual job i would consider , i dont see any reason as to why i wouldnt take on this project ,if you want the job done , just let me know ,an i will certainly take a look at it for you ,and i,m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement ,just let me know at ur convenience .


Answered 2nd Nov 2011

Wow your keen R.W.! Sounds like a job I'd get the apprentice at, or an Improver at best, put an ad on here or Gumtree!


Answered 7th Nov 2011

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