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Shower enclosure with aqua wall panels

Council fitted one in and removed my bath. Big Mistake. Shower enclosure is falling to bits.
How easy would it be to remove the enclosure and panels from plasterboard and replace with a bath and panels surrounding bath keeping the shower taps where they are? What would the cost estimate be?

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Removing tiles off of plasterboard always damages it. I remove plasterboard and tiles completely and use waterproof ply in its place. The shower areas, I apply a coat of Mapeigum my Mapei. Never get a problem. I would never put plasterboard back on as it absorbs moisture too easily. I have applied Mapeigum to plasterboard when clients want to cut costs, but not the best option long term.


Answered 30th May 2011


Aqua panels are usually stuck to the wall with adhesive and would be easy if on masonry walls as you can pull off.

if on plasterboard it will damage the walls, so may need to re plaster-board area

Estimate is say 300 350 labour + bath, taps and associated materials which will depend on your budget and style choice.




Answered 27th May 2011

By your question, I assume it is local authority property, as you say the Council replaced bath with shower.
Did you request the change, if your unhappy with the installation, contact the council to rectify the works, or change the shower back to a bath.
I think Council tennants get this work done free.
If you do it yourself, I believe you must inform them, beforehand.


Answered 28th May 2011

as a general rule a council house should have a bath over a shower i presume there was an elderly or disabled tenant before you(they fit the shower for easyer access), if as you say its falling apart they should change it, with no charge, the top price is fair, IF when you remove everything there is no damage, but you use words like falling apart so might be a bit more water damage behide the panels, if you are not council and get a quote for this, be prepared you might have to pay abit more


Answered 28th May 2011

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