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Newly plastered walls ....need some advice

can someone please advise ......have a customer with a new extension that needs redecroration ....freshly plastered walls . can i use the wickes paint for newly plastered walls as a primer and then paint dulux over the top ??? some say just pva and then put
the new dulux paint on but ive heard that can lead to problems later .....some also say use a diluted watered down non vinyl water based emulsion ....but can this be painted over the
following day ???? appreciate your help and advice ......many thanks johnh / evesham

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Totally agree with d green property I have been a decorator 20 years and on new plaster you should always do a miss coat with any cheap vinyl matt(not vinyl silk as it will peel like a banana)around 70 percent paint and 30 percent water.and that will seal the plaster and preventing any future problems


Answered 10th May 2013

Completely disagree with proctor decorating.
If you want the paint to stay on the wall then dilute it with water.
Firstly, buy any old cheap matt emulsion mix with 30 percent water and paint.
You will not have to wait long for this to dry as it will suck straight into the plaster.
By the time you have painted all the room with the miss coat then you can go over this with the dulux paint.
Kind regards

It's nice to see that there are still decorators out there that still do things the old and right way.
C a decor and home decorating.


Answered 11th May 2013

Agree with D Green - forget about using pva and go with a matt emulsion & water mix for the first coat and after couple of hours when fully dried with 2 coats of chosen colour.
Good luck with ur project!


Answered 10th May 2013

If your customer wants a matt finish on there walls 2coats of dulux will be enough ,it will not need thinning. But if its a silk or satin finish i would give it a coat of matt first (any make) and just allow a couple of hours beteen coats. Dulux will cover ok over your matt paint from wicks . All this talk about a miss coat is rubbish and not necessary with modern day emulsion paints. I always give new plaster only 2 coats just make sure your 1st coat is matt emulsion.


Answered 30th Apr 2013

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