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Can you have problems with triple glazed units

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Yes you can haveexactly the same problems with triple glazing as you get with double glazing , apart from the obvious breakages the main problem will be the seal breaks round the edge of the units letting fresh air into the cavity which will contain moisture hence the misting up effect in the window the whole unit needs changing for a new one . Please note when units are made the silver spacer thats in between the glass contains the little crystals that you find in electrical equipment to keep them dry, this soaks all the moisture up out of the cavity when manufactured leaving a dry space, i hope this helps.
Mark potter/Double M Glazing


Answered 28th May 2011

As mentioned above triple glazed sealed units will break down in the same manner as a double glazed unit. However you should get a ten year guarantee with the units. The same amount of hot melt or two part sealant is used in both, however there will be slightly less desiccant(moisture absorbent) in the spacer bars in a triple glazed unit due to the cavity sizes.
The two main problems with triple glaze are as follows: Can the current hinges on your windows take the extra weight as you have increased the weight by an extra pane of glass. The other problem is that it will kill noise transmitting from outside to inside( which is normally the reason to have triple glazing) a lot more than double glazed units would, however if your car window for instance is smashed likely hood is you will not hear it.

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Answered 17th Jun 2011

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