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Neighbours damaged fencing :(

My neighbour is a single mum and last year in the winds her fence consisting of two 6ft high closeboard panels came down breaking the post between them but leaving the two either side one to her gate and one to our fence intact.

Is there anything I can do about getting it repaired? Its been over a year and she has absolutely no intention of doing it, never uses the garden and its left ours insecure as the rest of the fencing between the houses is only wire fence at 4ft (again not our boundary fence to change) I have large breed dogs and a child and I am very concerned that if something is not done about it to make both gardens secure from passerby's that we will either have the dogs stolen (sadly happens a lot these days even with secure gardens!) the house broken into as its easy access or my child go over the fence and into the road or worse.

Is there anything that I can do as our plea's for her to fix her fence have gone on deaf ears :(

Property is Council Owned but residents are responsible for repairs to fencing. The panels themselves are in GOOD SOLID condition only the post itself was damaged. I've no issue footing the bill to have it repaired I am just not sure of my rights regarding doing the work

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If it is her property then she has the last say in wether or not she replaces it, she does not have to do anything, if the fence is that much of concern regarding the dogs and the little to fix the 2 panels is very cheap and if it were me I would just get it done myself for peace of mind, 2 6ft panels these days for decent ones in close-board style are around £25 each, considering the worry and cost of losing dogs and being burgled and worse I would suggest just cracking on with it as the neighbour is not interested ...

Answered 27th Apr 2013

Mulberry Cottage Gardens

Member since 4 Oct 2010

If its her fence the. It is illegal to touch the panels. I would suspect she will be happy for you to fix it tho? I would have a kind word with her. Failing that you could put a new fence up infront of hers

Hth Gareth

Answered 28th Apr 2013

AGL Heating & Building

Member since 1 Oct 2009

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