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Flexible mortar - such a thing?

I need to mortar down the sides of a door frame, or should I say re-mortar. Every time the door closes, it has loosened the mortar that has been used. Someone has mentioned to me some sort of mortar you can use that has a bit of give, but I can't remember what it's called.Can you help?

EDIT: I should say that we live in a 350 year old cottage so white upvc trim isn't an option. I don't really want to go down the foam route really as that won't do the stone any favours. Anyone know anything more about this lime puddy that's been mentioned?

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How about lime puddy? It's elastic and performs like cement You can use Hydrolic lime mix that's very simple - only use with caution! Toxic while wet but the next best thing to nature after dry...

Answered 26th May 2011

Carrigan Plastering

Member since 26 May 2011

Whatever sort of mortar you use will eventually fall out, sounds like the frame isnt fixed properly and to much give for mortar.
Normally you seal the frame to brick/ stone work with a frame sealant, applied by mastic gun.
If the gaps to big, and its upvc, then get some upvc beading, size to suit and fit, if its wood then use some hardwood strips to cover, both can be scribed if needed.

Answered 26th May 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

the best way to fix this (without looking) is expanding foam down the joint then mastic, mortar is sand mixed with cement this will always crack as the door is always in use, a good tradesman would rake the joint then expanding foam then mastic/silicone over or if over 12mm a timber/plastic bead would be idea cost from 30-60 depending on how far away they have to travel or if you are handy then your local diy shop can sort you the tools you need remember to wear gloves with exspanding foam and easy on the trigger as it can get messy any excess should be left to cure hard then cut back with a sharp knife best of luck
kind regards Gary Cleverley

Answered 26th May 2011

Cleverley Builders

Member since 13 Jun 2008

its sound likes u need 2 foam the joint if the door shuts causing cracking in the mortar

Answered 26th May 2011


Member since 28 Nov 2010

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Rake out any existing damaged/cracked mortar and use expanding foam then use a Exterior mastic to seal and make weatherproof from rain etc.

Answered 26th May 2011

Cannon Preservation Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

Fill the door frame gaps with expandinging foam. trim the foam back when dry. Cover the foam /gap with a white upvc or wood effect trim fillet from your local plastic stockist. Join the fillet to the brickwork with a bead of matching silicone or mastic. Cement will dry crack and fall out.

Answered 27th May 2011

Pro Finishing Services

Member since 12 Jan 2010

mortar is a salution that you mix sand and cement with its more of a uni bond

kind regards

Answered 25th May 2011


Member since 13 Oct 2008

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