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Do they come built in or are they always a separate device? I have bought these http://www.kanlux.pl/en/19000 and assumed in-built but just spoken to an electrician and asked him, i don't know. Pls could anyone help. We have concrete ceilings. Many thanks

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That's great, as had spoken with an electrician re. quote for installation and he said there would be separate device and as we have concrete ceiling was thinking this is going to turn into a bigger job. We are a block of 8 flats with 7 communal lights that need replacing as most are failing/v old so easier to just replace the whole lot and get it done. He also said would be a cost for materials as often the existing screws are too short and would need connectors and cable?

We were hoping it would be fairly straight forward - removal and install. The original lights use those 2D bulbs. All the lights are on one switch so if you turn one off, you turn them all off so currently all lights are on 24hrs. So plan was to up grade as bulbs keep blowing and at least one is broken and save money by having some using the sensor, at least one will be on permanently (in the entrance) and if the sensor turns out not to work v well (you have to jump up and down to get it to work), the ones on the staircase, these too will have to be permanently plus the 3 in the small corridors we are hoping the sensor will work well as less traffic here.

Any idea how long it would take to carry out the work and whether we will need any additional materials.

Many thanks for your help and advice.

additional info
Thank you v much for your help. The lights need changing as they are old/failing so we have bought these lights. Just wondered how long it would take to remove the old ones and install the new ones and are we likely to need any materials ?

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Yes this light in your link has a built in microwave sensor that will detect body heat in the room and trigger the light to on. Like most things it is possible to buy lights with or without built in sensors. It is also possible to buy a range of different sensors as stand alone units that can be used with a variety of lights.

What it the specific use/need for a light with a built in sensor? As if you have an existing light, you may well just need a sensor connecting to it.

Sounds like your electrician is not that familiar with communal starircase lighting as the most sensible option would be to change the switches on each floor/landing to PIR sensor switches - something link those in the link below.


That way no new light fittings are required and its a much simpler easier job.

Answered 22nd Apr 2013

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hi there my name is mike -yes that particular light does come with a sensor also known as a pir you can also buy them seperately as a stand alone pir

Answered 21st Apr 2013


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