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Builder asks for money 3 years after he walked away from the job, what should i do?

A builder who did an extension for us 3 years ago turned up today asking for money he says we owe him.
We had 7% left of the total job left to pay and understood that because the job was not finished that he had walked away and left the money, due to other jobs he had.
I have had the work done since by other tradesmen and would not want him to come back now.
Does he have the right to ask for money now and what should I do? My husband works away and I'm nervous about having him turn up at my home again.

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It seem strange why he has decided to leave it three years before asking for money. Was a contract of works in place between yourselves and the first builder? Without one he would be in a difficult position to demand any sort of money as there is no written agreement and especially as he walked away. Even if there was a contract, he would have to provide a good reason for him leaving the site for it to still stand. See if you can visit your local citizens advice office for guidance on what to do if he comes back - certainly don't hand over any money or feel pressured to do so. It may be a good idea to get a letter written on your behalf asking him not to visit the property again and that communication will only be via letter and a solicitor if he persists.
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Answered 19th Apr 2013

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That's ridiculous, he obviously has no work or money and wants to get it from you!!

He has no right after that time so don't worry about it. If he gets aggressive just tell him you feel threatened and will call the police if he turns up again!


Answered 18th Apr 2013

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

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Firstly, was there a contract between you? Secondly was there an agreement to the time it would take to completion, after three years of no contact or his refusal to come back to complete i would ask him to take you to court. No judge in this world would take his side.

Answered 18th Apr 2013

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3 Years???? Sounds like he is really desperate for money and remembered you. If he walked off and left it unfinished, why would he be due the last 7% ? He has no claim to this money.

Answered 18th Apr 2013

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