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Correcting an unfinished plastering job

We've had people over to do our bathroom and unfortunately they left us with unfinished walls that now need correcting.

The walls are plasterboard with loads of multi finish slapped on top of it. This is rough (sand paper-like) with holes and cracks in corners, uneven lines/edges between the different walls and also between the ceiling.

Now we have had some people to look around and quote but the quotes are vastly different in terms of price, time (from 0.5 to 3 days) and method used (more multi finish on top/using easifill/sanding/no sanding etc.).

So my question is - what would be the "correct" (or just the the best, given the circumstances) way of fixing this mess, so that we end up with nice straight walls (and straight lines where they join the ceiling) that we can simply paint.

Thanks very much in advance for any advice on this.

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as you have indicated that you are going to paint the walls from a professional point of view there is absolutely no other way than to re-skim the whole lot.
Unfortunately if you start filling and sanding more filling and more sanding you are going to end up unhappy with it and then paying again on top of the price of the filler etc etc
the cracks need to be fibre taped properly to avoid them re apearing in future.
unfortunately it seems you had some of the "Ye Ha" men in and they have made a bit of a mess.
in regards time depending on the size of the bathroom it should on average only be a days work! certainly no more than 1 1/2 and thats 1 man!!
again im sure this is not what you were hoping to hear but from a professional my advice is to definately bite the bullet and get the room re-skimmed.
Use this website to look for tradesmen and from the intereseted ones look at the feedback and also shortlist 3 or so tradespeoplen for price comparisions etc.

Answered 18th Apr 2013

DR Plastering

Member since 18 Mar 2013

hi the best thing would be to pva walls and scim over with multi finish sorry to hear you have had a bad job done kind regards paul

Answered 17th Apr 2013

Paul Rowland Plastering

Member since 5 Apr 2012


It is very hard to say without actually seeing the room but if the multi finish has been poorly
done then another coat maybe required before a nice finishing skim can be applied.
You need drying time inbetween coats so it will take 2 half days and should cost £250-300
in total.
A good plasterers work never needs sanding afterward, simply apply a sealant/ base coat and paint it. I really hope this helps you, all the best

Jeremy mildenhall

Cathedral Home Improvements Ltd

Answered 17th Apr 2013

Cathedral home improvements Ltd

Member since 24 Jan 2013

If it was my company it sounds like a re-skim but would need to see to give 100% answer there are many factors to over see for example is the boarding been done properly has it been damp coursed is there ventilation thanks

Answered 18th Apr 2013

compete property services

Member since 15 Mar 2013

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