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Washing isolation valve not working

As it says - just about to remove old washing machine, turned off both inlet feeds but only the cold can be disconnected.

the hot water still comes out when i loosen on the inlet pipe and under some pressure.

if the isolation valve is damaged what choices do i have? the new machine will be cold fill, so i doubt i can even quickly re-connect it. is there a way to terminte the flex pipe in-situ, or terminate the copper pipe below the insolation valve?

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You can use 3/4'' cap that will go on the w.m. valve (e.g. My advice would be to close off a stop-cock maybe under your kitchen sink or outside your house before you start disconnecting the old w.m. hoses and capping your HW inlet valve. I would also recommend putting a bit of some lubricant on the rubber seals before you fit the new hoses and the cap. After you have opened the stop-cocks again, check for leaks before you slide your new washing machine in!


Answered 15th Apr 2013

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