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Y plan heating system

I am doing a y plan heating system and have a rough idea of what i am doing. when i run the flow and return pipes from the boiler do i run the flow straight up to the 3 port motorized valve where the cyclinder is and then run my heating pipes out the otherside of the 3 port valve? is this correct. thanks

Hello Adrian, thankyou very much your information really helps. Would there be any chance you could do me a diagram so I understand it clearer showing step by step? I would really appreciate it if you could. Many thanks Steve

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HI steve,

The simplest way to lay out a Y plan system would be as follows :

Install Indirect hot water cylinder, and mount B port of three port valve directly in line with top outlet of cylinder heat exchange coil.

Connect heating flow pipe-work to A port of valve.

Bring the flow pipe from the boiler up past the valve, (continuing to form the 'open vent' to the feed & expansion tank.

Install T in flow pipework (above motorised valve) and short pipe horizontally to another T, (one end looking up & reduced to 15mm), this will form the cold fill, (run to feed & expansion tank).

The lower section of 2nd T run down (via the circulating pump), to centre port of motorised valve.

Connect lower outlet coil of cylinder heat exchanger to return pipe-work to boiler.

Remember to install a lock-shield type gate valve on the outlet of cylinder heat exchanger, (this will help to balance the system), in effect, allowing you to stall the boiler flow water in the cylinder coil and effect improved heat transfer to the stored water.

The layout can be in any form, depending on the space you have available, though if you can install as above it will avoid you having to install an air vent above the cylinder coil.

The flow water will naturally convect up from the boiler and the pump will pull the water across the H formation, down to the motorised valve. the air expelled upwards via the open vent being replaced by cold water from the fill pipe

Hope this helps,

If not clear, I will try to advise again,

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Answered 15th Apr 2013

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