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No water from shower

I switched the shower on at the pull switch and the light was on as normal. When I switch the shower on there is no water from the shower but I can hear a noise coming from the shower. When the shower is on the light on the pull switch goes off but I am unsure if this happens normally when the shower is on.
Can anyone help with what this may be?

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has it got a low pressure light on it,i had this with a shower a couple of weeks back


Answered 24th May 2011

I am assuming this is an electric shower? It sounds like the solenoid valve which is a magnetic valve that opens to allow water flow. The noise your hearing is the valve trying to open.

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Answered 24th May 2011

sounds like you have a faulty/loose connection inside the shower,I suggest that you have it checked out,regards Terry.


Answered 24th May 2011

Hi it does sound as if you have a loose connection somewhere and is also possibly arcing which would lead to the selenoid try but failing to actuate, Hope this helps steve @ PDQ


Answered 30th May 2011

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