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Cistern overflowing from the top

Our cistern has suddenly started overflowing when flushed - water comes out of the lid and runs down the side of the tank. It started a few days ago as a trickle but it is getting worse and is now quite a flow. Have had to stuff a towel under the cistern!

We had a new boiler fitted about 5 months ago, and the guy was obsessed with fixing our water pressure - not sure if has something to do with that? (Although I appreciate it's unlikely given that it was so long ago).

Would appreciate any help in sourcing the problem!

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Try to adjust the float valve in the toilet cistern to a lower water level and if it doesn't help, hire a tradesman to change it for you.


Answered 11th Apr 2013

id say the spout of the inlet valve has broken and is spraying upwards/outwards rather than down into the bowl, new inlet valve required


Answered 11th Apr 2013

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