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What's the best way to remove flaking paint from bedroom walls?

We've just bought a place and have stripped off loads of old textured wallpaper. When the paper has come off it's it's pulled off bits of the old paint underneath, leaving a speckled, uneven surface. Anyone know the best way to sort this out? Can we sand it with an orbital sander (or something similar), scrape it with something, use some kind of solvent or is plastering going to be the best way? Incidentally the plastering underneath looks great!

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hi you can fill in the walls and rub down if you have about 10 years spare and still never be totally happy ..the best options is to get a local plasterer{a decent one with good feedback} to p.v.a the walls and then skim them then just get out your roller and paint ...job done ...i have to say completeplastering quoting £180 for a 4x4m room with materials is very cheap ..i think any decent plasterer would be lookin for a little more money for a room that size ...plastering is a skilled trade ...earn what you deserve !!!


Answered 25th May 2011

Either rub back and use gyroc easi-fill for the cracks , depending on how bad apply a couple of coats. Leave to dry and sand back .
Or hire a professional to re-skim

R Carrigan


Answered 26th May 2011

Polybond and skim is the safest way to achieve a sound base for repainting, You can spend hours of your time sanding away even with an electric sander not even getting close to the finish a good plasterer can get, the average room of 4mts by 4mts should cost no more than £180 including materials


Answered 24th May 2011

I agree with Ct plastering, give the walls a a scrape to get the worst of the loose off, pva and skim. Cost should be around £250.00 (£180 is too cheap) sorry.


Answered 30th Aug 2011

You may be able to go over it with an electric sander but if after doing this the surface looks uneven, and bits of paint are still starting to lift or flake it may be as well to get it skimmed over, you will after all get a better finish. JLG Property Care, Oakham, Leicestershire.


Answered 24th May 2011



Answered 25th May 2011

I'll go with kbplastering , £180 seems cheap for a room that size , either he is going to throw plaster on here there and everywhere (not a good job) or working for a poor days rate (may not be a REAL plasterer) , would be expected to take a day and a half to skim a room that size after spending first few hours preping and pva'ing walls, hope this helps , I'm guessing around £230-250 for the job


Answered 30th May 2011

The best way to sort this is to give it all a really good sand down, then feel the worse looking areas to find any imperfections, if it feels bad paint the area and fill the rough bits and continue till the room is complete,
any problems you can find us at

Jason Fletcher @
Fletcher's Renovations


Answered 24th May 2011

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