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Fitting a new ceiling light

Hey folks,
We just moved into a new rental property and the main room doesnt have a light installed - the previous tenants must have taken it.
We have bought a new light fitting from Ikea, but i dont know how to connect it to the wires coming from the ceiling.
The ceiling has the following wires coming out:

And my super cheap ikea lamp has just two:

Which two do i need to connect up to get it working?
Thanks a lot

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All those cables will need to be connected in some way. There would have been a ceiling rose up there at some point.

Really you should get a qualified electrician to do this as there is a small amount of testing to ensure what the cables are doing.

You will have the neutral, permanent lives and switching lives up their.

Any decent electrician should charge you around £30-£40 for this.



Answered 23rd May 2011

Get a qualified electricain in to change it , if you do not know what your doing then your putting yourself at risk by attempting the work your self.




Answered 23rd May 2011

If the accessory was missing before you moved the landlord will need notifying as this should have been checked before you moved in.

Before the fitting is installed the cables will need to be identified and tested, therefore a job for an electrician or a competant person with the correct calibrated testing equipment and knowledge.


Answered 23rd May 2011

You should not touch it.Any electrical installation needs to be carried out by a part p registered electrician.Also if this is a rental property it is the landlords responsibility to make sure all electrics are safe & working and there should be a landlords safety certificate in place.


Answered 23rd May 2011

get an electrician it will cost you £20 no electrician should talk you through this


Answered 23rd May 2011

As a landlord mysef mw buildng is wrong as there isnt a "landlords safety certificate" for electrics but is for gas. However you should inform the landlord otherwise you will be in breach o your tenancy - i'm sure your landlord will be fine with it as long as its installed properly.


Answered 23rd May 2011

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